fredag 21. juni 2013


issue N2
100% made by moa and holmberg
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have a great summertime!

9 kommentarer:

beeldSTEIL Photography and Styling sa...

Again.. beautiful!

elv's sa...

this is so wonderful.... love these beautiful images!

facingnorthwithgracia sa...

I have already gone through the mag 5 times.

I love the delicate poetry of the images and the subtle strength you manges to bring outside from a simple
perfectly balanced composition.

So honoured to be part of something so beautiful.

Well done girls! :)


Nia sa...

Amazing. Again.
I could flip through it over and over.

stefanie sa...

Such a lovely mag! It is obvious that both of you put a lot of love and work in that project which makes it even more beautiful to flick through.
Keep it up!

Cherry Blossom Blog sa...

gratulerer med nok
et fantastisk fint magasin!
dere er så fliiiinke, jenter!!!
love it <3
sommerklemmer til dere!

Unknown sa...

Gratulerer med nok et fantastisk magasin!! Fantastiske bilder:)
Dere er RÅ!

Unknown sa...

Its a beautiful issue. Great Job! Love the best friends forever picture... your hair is beyond perfect. See you in instagram ;)

мя. м. sa...

lOve it•